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Our Process

Our solution enables retailers to offer a “Scan & Leave” shopping experience by ensuring that theft is prevented. The process involves the use of QR codes and RFID tags to create a seamless checkout solution. The technology used in the process has been throughly tested, and our application is currently in the beta stage.

1. Scan

Shoppers can scan a product’s qr code/barcode by using the Noqu application and add it to their basket.

2. Pay

When the shopping is completed, customers can pay through the application by using their debit/credit card.

3. Leave

Shoppers can happily leave the store by skipping the queue.


Utilize our application to the maximum
Redefine shopping experience

Your customers will love the “Scan & Leave” shopping experience as they will waste no time in a queue.

Improve Stock Control

Our technology can be used to identify stock throughout the supply chain from production to point-of-sale. This will enhance quality control and stock security while preventing over and under stocking.

Make every item available

Customers will be able to check whether an item is available in alternative sizes and different colours in store. The customer will be able to order the item if it is not in store. Customers will be more likely to make a purchase and leave the store satisfied.

Create better marketing channels

Customer buying habits can be utilized to create targeted offers and improve your company's connection with your customers.

Show matching items

Items that are frequently purchased alongside a scanned item will be presented to the customer. This will increase the chance of multiple items being purchased together.

Improve customer service

The customer-employee ratio will be improved as less customers will be in the shop throughout the day, thus customers will feel that they are getting the attention needed when shopping.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose us?

One of the main things that we are proud of is the agility of our checkout solution. The security has been designed to prevent thefts without slowing down the customer's shopping experience. Our “Scan & Leave” procedure is unique as currently there are no competitors offering such solutions in the retail space. Also, our company offers tools that our clients can utilize in order to truly understand their customers buying habits by analyzing their purchases.

How can your application be integrated ?

Our application can be deployed to your mobile app as a whitelabel solution. The ability to integrate your retail outlets to our application is also an option. If your company does not provide an app, our team can design and implement an application tailored to your needs which will support our functionality.

What changes will I need to make to my already existing system ?

Our procedure can be supported by keeping the traditional checkout experience. The changes that will be required in order to deploy our application would be the placement of our RFID gates to your retail store(s) and the introduction of the RFID tags and QR codes to the shopping items. Lastly, the Wi-Fi infrastructure needed to support the procedure can be installed in the store if required.

Will this be the only way to checkout ?

Our application can be supported by keeping the traditional checkout experience.

From where will our customers get bags?

The bags could be spread across various locations inside the store with a QR code sticker attached to them. Your customers will have to scan the bags with their phone before exiting the store.

What type of support will I get ?

Our team will ensure that our application is introduced in a secure way to your department store(s). Staff training will be provided, specifically the staff working inside the store will be trained in order to be able to help customers throughout the process if problems arise. Also, support will be provided with the process of attaching the rfid tags to the clothing items and the generation of the QR codes via our unique and patented process will be integrated into the manufacturing process.

How much does it cost?

Our company operates on a tiered-volume pricing approach, by offering different pricing plans based on the quantities of items sold through the application. The selected plan can be upgraded or downgraded automatically based on the amount of items sold. A one time setup cost is charged for setting up the equipment necessary to support the process such as the RFID gates and the Wi-Fi infrastructure. Staff training will be included at the one time setup cost. Specific prices are yet to be announced.

Will a free trial period be provided?

Free trial period of 1 month will be provided.

Our Team

The Talent Crew
Nick Vamvoukakis

Nick holds a Bachelor of Science from the University of St. Andrews. "My passion is to bring innovative ideas to life". Nick has won several hackathon competitions across the UK by creating projects from scratch and has worked previously as a project manager - advisor.

Mohammed Saadat

Mohammed holds a Bachelor of science in Computer science and Physics from the University of St Andrews. Mohammed has experienced working in different roles such as HR, sales and management in a wholesale company. “I always like to challenge myself and thrive to be number one”.

Bolut Lawrence
Lead Developer

Bolutife has a solid technical background from Andela and other places he has worked. He has years of experience building out rich and robust applications for the web. The most interesting part of his job and career as a software developer is “learning”.

Andrew Guterres
Web Developer

Andrew graduated from University of California, Santa Cruz with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. He is constantly working to improve himself to deploy the best quality products for brilliant ideas.

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